ISQA_5 - Nasdaq Stock Price Checker

User Stories

  1. Set the content security policies to only allow loading of scripts and CSS from your server.
  2. I can GET /api/stock-prices with form data containing a Nasdaq stock ticker and recieve back an object stockData.
  3. In stockData, I can see the stock (the ticker as a string), price (decimal in string format), and likes (int).
  4. I can also pass along the field like as true (boolean) to have my like added to the stock(s). Only 1 like per IP should be accepted.
  5. If I pass along 2 stocks, the return object will be an array with information about both stocks. Instead of likes, it will display rel_likes (the difference between the likes) on both.
  6. A good way to receive current prices is through our stock price proxy (replacing 'GOOG' with your stock symbol):
  7. All 5 functional tests are complete and passing.

Example usage:


Example return:



Get single price and total likes


Compare and get relative likes

Like both?